Why Christians NEED to be Involved in the 2019 Federal Election.

by Joe Durocher

While surveying various churches over the last few years the director of 4MY Canada found that about 80-90% of Christians said that they prayed or fasted for the last election.  When the same groups were asked if they did something practical beyond voting [volunteered, donated, sign on their lawn etc.] on about 5-15% on average said that they had done something involving action, beyond prayer.

What this shows us is that it may not be that God did not answer our prayers.  It may be that we did not harvest the answers to our prayers through righteous action.

Action matters.  If we pray for the harvest but no one ever shares the gospel then our harvest will rot.  If we pray for the poor but no one ever goes to help the poor then more of the poor will die.  

Prayer + Action is the fullness of the Kingdom.

If the same amount of people who prayed during the last federal election also acted we would have a very different governmental reality in Canada right now.  The church did amazing in the realm of prayer and God’s pleasure is on us for that. We simply need to add action to our prayer.

Jesus went to the place of prayer before He went to the place of power. He went to the mountain and then to the masses.  He went to the garden of Gethsemane and then to Golgotha. The Kingdom is both prayer and action.

Therefore, it is time to GET IN THE GAME!

We must remember why we do what we do.  We don’t do what we do because we get a certain result.  We do what we do because it is the right thing to do. We are people of principle.  If you laboured for righteousness in the last federal election then you have treasure in Heaven.  As we live for an audience of one and do what we do for His eyes then we never lose ground.

In prayer nothing is ever wasted.  If the bowls of intercession aren’t tipping, then they are filling.

Though we are called to influence government with the salt and light of Christ, our hope is not in natural government.  Our hope is in God.

In Canada’s history some of the greatest revivals happened when non-Christian people were in office. The most obvious example of this is William Lyon MacKenzie King who was in office during the start of the Latter Rain Revival.  Mr. King was known for consulting mediums to govern the affairs of our nation.

We must be encouraged with the truth that if we don’t quit we win and that the nation goes to those who continue to show up season after season.  Influencing government can be a marathon, rather than just a sprint.

Champions are not neutralized by what feels like defeat or a set back.  They know the greatest growth points can come from learning in these moments.  The race goes not to those who start, but to those who finish. We are on the home stretch until the vote for the 2019 Federal election and the outcome of this election will have a massive impact on the future of our nation.  

God is interested who governs nations & how they govern nations. Why? Because He loves people.

A brief survey of the nations of the earth shows us that WHO governs a nation has a massive impact on the people of that nation, their quality of life, the preservation of their safety and of justice and much more. E.g’s – Cuba, N. Korea, Venezuela etc…

Also, government is all throughout the BIBLE. Judges; Leviticus, Deuteronomy, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, Revelation…even Song of Solomon. In the New King James version of the Bible the word KING (an office of government) is used over 2,000 times.

RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE are the foundation of His throne (Psalm 89:14). That means it is central to who He is and what He is about.

What Is Justice? // Justice: the act of making wrong things right. Putting something back into proper order. E.g. When a bone is broken, reset and healed it will be stronger at the break area then it was prior to the break because of calcification. God’s justice sets things back in order and the situation fully restored and stronger than before.

Government is the business of administrating righteousness and justice in a society. When righteous and just decrees are made in a nation, it is building the foundation of God’s throne in that nation.

God loves PEOPLE and is highly interested in protecting the vulnerable. Good government is primarily about ensuring justice and security those He loves: EVERYONE.

“The only thing necessary for EVIL to prevail is for good men to do NOTHING.” – Edmund Burke

For more information on Canada’s 2019 Federal Election Issues go to

www.4mycanada.ca and www.faytene.tv.


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