Canada to Spend $14 Billion Over a 10 year Period to Fund Abortions in Foreign Countries!

by Joe Durocher

Starting next year, Canada will spend $14 billion over a 10-year period on global maternal and child health services, with fully half — $700 million annually — dedicated to contraception, legal abortion services and sexuality education in developing countries, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The pledge to spend up to $1.4 billion a year will renew and increase international development spending that was set to expire in 2020. It extends Canada’s contributions until 2030, and expands funding to cover a wide range of education, birth control and abortion services — something the previous Conservative government in Canada, and the United States under Republican administrations has refused to do under the so-called “global gag rule.”

That’s the American policy that bars non-governmental organizations from receiving U.S. aid funds if they provide or advocate for reproductive health or abortion services.

“This is a game changer that will empower 18 million women and girls in developing countries by 2030,” said Trudeau at the international Women Deliver conference in Vancouver.

He said governments can help women get access to birth control while also delivering maternal and neonatal services to make sure that “newborns don’t become orphans. Health is health.”

Trudeau said there are “some politicians who want to drive a wedge between these two goals, to create division where none should exist. There are politicians here in Canada who have called our investments exporting an ideological agenda,” he said.

“This should not be a political issue. These divisions are playing out globally with devastating consequences and women deserve better.”

Financing millions of deaths of the unborn in other countries is very political. The very thought of engaging in population control of a foreign nation would be considered a crime by many standards. I do agree that these divisions are playing out globally with devastating consequences and that women deserve better.

The quote states that these “divisions are playing out globally”, yet PM Trudeau is placing billions of Canadian taxpayer funded dollars into the middle of other countries political divisions, of this highly debated political issue. In a day and age where governments and media are screaming and angry over foreign nations involving themselves in other countries political affairs, our government has become a leader in interfering in foreign nations political issues.

Speaking to reporters after his announcement, Trudeau again declined to name the United States but said: “While other countries are stepping back on their investments, and playing politics with it, Canada is stepping up.” He also acknowledged access to safe abortion services in Canada is still “uneven” but noted his government last month lifted restrictions for prescribing Mifegymiso, the abortion pill, “giving more women especially in rural and remote areas access to reproductive health options.”

The Canadian Partnership for Women’s and Children’s Health, a coalition of 100 grassroots organizations that lobbied for the pledge, hailed Trudeau’s move.

“We are just beside ourselves with excitement,” said spokesperson Julia Anderson, who said the announcement is “a direct response” to the global gag rule.

That’s the American policy that bars non-governmental organizations from receiving U.S. aid funds if they provide or advocate for reproductive health or abortion services.

“This will make us the number one global leader in funding for sexual and reproductive health and rights but also it will make us a leader on the global health stage.”

When the spokesperson for a coalition of 100 grassroots pro abortion organizations makes statements such as “we are just besides ourselves with excitement” and “this will make us the number one global leader in funding for sexual and reproductive health and rights” we all need to ask ourselves how did we get to this place and why are we here.

Very recently Members of Parliament from the Liberal Party, NDP, Bloc, Green gave a standing ovation to a call to affirm women’s unrestricted access to abortion in Canada.

Based on the premise of the motion, let’s be clear what they were applauding:

Late term abortion and abortion for any reason in Canada.

We have got to this place because we as Canadians have been both complacent and fearful on this issue and many other issues that are debated and voted on at the political level. We have had full knowledge that the unborn are being killed daily in Canada, but most of the nation has remained silent.
This has to change and thank God we are starting to see a shift in this complacent attitude across the nation.

We need to have an honest discussion and time of reflection. We have been complacent in getting engaged politically. We not only have zero abortion laws in Canada but we are also financing millions of abortions in foreign nations with billions of our tax dollars. Every one of these policy decisions happens at the political level. Many Christians have avoided the political level like a plague and because of it, we are losing the nation and so many innocent lives because of it. Christians are one of the largest [possibly the largest] voting blocks in all of Canada. We have the ability and right to simply vote and support candidates that support the right to life for the unborn and other important issues that impact our nation. This needs to be priority #1 this election, along with getting everyone you know to get out to vote. We can no longer sit by and simply pray for change without putting action to our prayers. Prayer and action go hand in hand in the Kingdom.

We are also in need for Christians to become political candidates and run for office. Although it is beyond the time to become a candidate in this federal election you can run in future municipal, provincial or federal elections. Parents, you may be raising the next Member of Parliament or Prime Minister. Encourage them while they are young to be educated at the Political level. The best way to do that is to be an example and to get educated yourself and for you to get engaged. Take your kids with you when you volunteer and especially when you go to vote. My son was 17 at the end of 2018 and was a scrutineer at one of our local federal candidate nomination elections.
There is an ongoing need for volunteers to help get righteous candidates elected in various elections taking place across the nation. If you are able to donate some of your time, either in person or over the telephone, to help righteous candidates, or are interested in becoming a candidate yourself in any future elections please e-mail us at and we will help get you started in this very important way of impacting our nation.

Finally, every single Christian across the nation of Canada needs to put aside any differences such as denomination or doctrine and come together when it comes to seeing change at the political level. We have seen many battles lost these last few years and have lost ground in many areas because we sat back and did not get engaged in the 2015 election. This is not to say that any one party will immediately represent our desires for things such as abortion but if there is a party that has a percentage of MPs who are Christian then we are much more likely to be able to work with that party to move forward in a better direction for the future. If more Christians run in elections to come and we see a party attain a percentage of Christians that reaches over 50% then the balance of votes within that party would become weighted in favour of Godly principles and values.

We must not shrink back but band together and rise up and get engaged at the political level to bring change to our Nation. Your voice is powerful and your country needs you more than ever!

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