by Joe Durocher

There are two primary ways God has given us to effect change in any given sphere: PRAYER & STRATEGIC ACTION. To be effective we must have BOTH.

Jesus went to the mountain of prayer and then went to the masses. He went to the place of prayer, then he went to the place of proclamation and power. He went to Gethsemane and then He went to Golgotha. He always did BOTH, prayer followed by action. As we walk with JESUS we get to be like JESUS.


Here are a few ways you can learn and get involved with prayer for our nation.

Prayer Justice Wall – Sign up for a 15 min prayer slot for the ending of abortion or human trafficking. Sign up at

Red Leaf House of Prayer – Government prayer calls throughout the week

National House of Prayer

The Cry – Ottawa – October 12, 2019 is a central communications hub for both prayer initiatives and action strategies for this election.

Start a prayer meeting at your church.

Resources For Governmental Intercession
Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting – Derek Prince
Rees Howells: Intercessor Paperback by Norman Percy Grubb
Prayer That Impacts The World – Justice House of Prayer DC

Principle 1: The more effort it takes, the more impact it has. E.g. a personally written letter is more powerful than a form letter. A meeting is more powerful than an e-mail.

Principle 2: Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

The Spectrum of IMPACT

Level 0

Level 1
The Activist
Social Media Commentary and Opinion
Petitions, Form Letters and Postcards
Email your Representative
Call Your Representative on the Phone

Level 2
The Influencer
Meet with Your Representative In Person
Local Media
Donate to Campaigns or Groups
Volunteer In A Campaign or In An Office
Join a Party
Serve on a Board
Go to Policy Conventions
Start an Issue Campaign & Speak at Committees
Suggest Policies (Conventions)
Run for Office
Apply For Senate or Become An Influential Staffer
Help A Godly Candidate Win
Be A Voice In National Media

Level 3
The Decision Maker
Serve in Cabinet
Become an Advisor
Become the Leader of a Major Party
Become a Supreme Court Judge
Become an MP or MPP
Become Prime Minister Raise a Prime Minister

The Most Strategic Points Right Now

Pray. Prayer and fasting is always our trump card. Some things are only shaken through prayer and fasting.

Get involved in your local campaigns federally. These are happening right now.

Get involved with a party and become an influencer. (Please visit our YouTube channel to see a 1.5 hour training with Mark Dotzert regarding how to impact political parties. Mark was a national councillor with the Conservative Party of Canada.)

Get involved in the media and become an influencer. Keep the heat on: stay on top of the issues and e-mail/visit your MP, MLA or MPP.

Becoming Informed
The first step in being effective at the activist level is getting informed.

Join the MY Canada E-mail List: The MY Canada e-mail list is specifically designed to make your participation in grassroots activism EASY. We do the work to keep you informed & lay out easy activism actions you can do.

Go to: to sign up.

Access On-line Resources
MY Canada has developed several “issue” web pages that you can use to become informed on a variety of issues. When you visit these pages are under the “ISSUES, BILLS AND MOTIONS” drop down menu.

Connect With Us On Social Media:
You can also join our Facebook Group & other social media portals to help keep you informed.

Social Media

Facebook //
Twitter //
Instagram //

There are also several other organizations doing great work to keep Canadians informed (not-exhaustive). A few of them are:

ARPA Canada //
Canadian Values Canada //
Life Canada //
Right Now //
We Need A Law //

Social Media Use
Tweet Our Leaders: Most politicians monitor their Twitter. Tweeting our leaders is a great way to communicate with them and also share our views with other Canadians at the same time.
Sample Tweets to Your MP:
@YourMP I value the sanctity of life, and your vote is my voice. Please represent my voice and vote against/for [bill or motion]!
@YourMP thank you for voting for/against [bill or motion] and representing my voice as one of your constituents!
@YourMP I strongly disagree with our nation spending $650M on overseas abortions. Please represent my voice and stand against more spending in this area!
@YourMP I strongly disagree with our nation spending $650M on overseas abortions. Thank you for standing in opposition of this and representing my voice!
If you see something posted by your MP that you agree with, engage with it to show your support by liking, retweeting, sharing and replying to thank them. If you disagree, let them know in a spirit of honor that you need them to represent your voice and take a stance for you in the House of Commons.

Share On Facebook
Share articles, videos and comments on Facebook. Remember to keep your love and honour on.

MY Canada has developed a petitions page. Please visit it and sign away! The petitions page can be accessed here: page_id=1514 (visit and the petitions page is also on the “Do Something” drop down menu).

Form Letter Tools
ARPA Canada has developed a brilliant form letter tool called EasyMail. They have several pre-written letters on a variety of issues. You also have the ability to tailor your letter. This tool is wonderful and powerful especially when you put your own touch on the letters.
The EasyMail tool can be accessed here:

Use it and share it with your friends.

We only have a few months left until the most important election in our lifetimes in Canada. Get informed, get in the game and let’s join together to make the largest impact on our nation that we possibly can.

For more information on Canada’s 2019 Federal Election Issues go to and

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