by Joe Durocher

Last night I attended a local theatre to watch Unplanned.  I have been surprised at the outrage from some politicians and media outlets over Abby Johnson’s life story.  The story mainly focused around the 8 years that Abby worked for Planned Parenthood, beginning as a volunteer and working her way up to being the director of a clinic in Bryan, Texas.

The movie shows a compassionate side of the women who have had abortions, the employee’s who were employed by Planned Parenthood, people who were outside of the abortion facility who were pro life, and the families of all the previously mentioned groups.  
The movie also shows the truth and realities of the industry including the medical procedures, emotional and physical distress that woman go through as well as the massive money spent by some very wealthy and elite individuals that financially back this industry.  

No matter which side of the fence you sit on when it comes to abortion, Unplanned is an excellent movie to go see.  The theatre I attended was sold out and most other theatres that are playing it have also been sold out at their showings.  I would suggest buying your tickets online to ensure you can get a seat. 

Some of the nasty reactions the movie has received from some politicians and media really is revealing to how many of these groups have become so agenda driven. For these groups to speak the way they have against a simple movie about a woman’s life story is very disappointing and discriminates against Abby and other woman who have gone through the procedure of having an abortion.  This movie also has some scenes, especially near the end of the movie that will help bring healing to those in the audience that have had abortions themselves or who have had a part in them.

We have a real responsibility to get out and vote this October.  We are experiencing a push like never before to censor so many things in our nation which should never even be considered in a democracy that promotes freedom of speech and thought.  No matter what our views are we should not be a country that promotes muzzling a women’s life story, no matter how painful it may be to hear or watch.

I am thankful for those who stood up and fought for this movie to come to Canada, for those that organized the Cineplex boycott, for those who joined the boycott, for the 200,000+ people that signed onto the petition to see the movie played in Canada.  The packed theatres, showing after showing, blows away all expectations with some theatres deciding to extend how long it will play on their screens.  Call and ask your local theatre to show the movie if they aren’t already, or ask them to extend it if they are currently showing it.
This is a great example to the power that working together has and how unity can accomplish a lot in a very short amount of time.  We do not need to allow ourselves to be bullied by others in their desire to use political correctness to make us all walk in a line, shut our mouths and allow them to dictate what is right and wrong.  I hope you make it a priority to get out, go watch and support Unplanned. You won’t be disappointed.

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