by Joe Durocher

Choice is one of the most powerful things on earth. Choice by definition is an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

Our lives are shaped and our futures decided by the choices we make everyday.
It is one of the main factors that differentiates us from others.

This is not only true for us all personally but also true for every nation. The choices our leaders make on behalf of our nation shape our future and also differentiates Canada from other countries.

In Canada, we are still fortunate enough to live in a democracy that allows citizens the choice to vote in free elections to choose who our leaders will be. Unfortunately, many of our citizens choose not to engage in this process and leave the decision making up to those who make the choice to be a part of the voting process.

I have found this especially true amongst Christians. Although I do not have statistics, I have been involved in several elections at different levels of government and always find that for different reasons, many Christians do not see the necessity to vote. This non action in itself is in fact a choice. Doing nothing is a choice to stand by and accept what decision others make for you and your country.

We have come to the place in history where, because we have not all chosen to participate in the voting process, we now see our country at the brink of losing many of the beloved rights that we all have taken for granted. Freedom of speech, thought and belief, without fear of punishment or censorship in my own personal opinion, rank at the top of my list of rights that I do not want to see disappear. We are already seeing censorship of conservative speech happening at alarming levels on many fronts, especially on social media.

I personally believe that if we as Christians do not take the choice to vote seriously this election, we will be in a very different country in a few short years from now. We are already living in a very different Canada then we were 4 years ago because of the choice of many that did not vote in 2015.
Let’s learn from our mistakes and not repeat them in 2019.

Battles are won and lost because of our everyday choices. Let us choose to live our lives on purpose, which means every one of us taking personal responsibility for every single choice we make, and also accepting the consequences of those choices. If we are to take ground and influence the nation of Canada in a positive way, we must take our choice in the voting process seriously, because it is a game changer. Everything we do is affected by the laws of the land and the people that govern us.

I read a quote the other day that not only resonated with me about our own personal lives but also with our responsibilities as citizens of our country.
“As a disciple it is not about the doors that are open to you, but the doors you learn to shut.” In Canada we have many open doors that affect us all that need to be shut and the only way that will happen is if we make the choice to vote in representatives who are committed to protecting and standing up for the Canada we all deeply love and care for.

The 2019 Federal Election is now less then 3 months away. What choices will you make between now and the election date to get engaged in your local riding. Will you get out and vote? Make sure to get your family and friends out to vote? Will you volunteer for your local candidate that you feel will represent Canada in the best way possible? Or will you decide that it is not any of your concern and just complain if the results don’t turn out the way you hope? Choose wisely and let’s work together as one, to bring change to Canada, that we so desperately need.

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