Justin Trudeau – Blackface

by Joe Durocher

I have to admit that when I read the news that Justin Trudeau had dressed up with a blackface when he was 29 years old, my mind began to think instantly of racism and how Trudeau, the media and many others have made the wearing of a blackface to be instantly racist, no matter what the context is.

I felt anger over what I felt was total hypocrisy when I watched his apology and also in reading the media headlines stating “Trudeau apologizes”. I could only think of what the media headlines would have been if the person behind the blackface mask would have been Andrew Scheer, Doug Ford or Donald Trump. We all know that the media and many others would have been calling for their political heads and demanding that they step down. I am sure we would get 24/7 news regarding the disgusting and vile behaviour of these creatures who call themselves politicians and how there is no room for this type of behaviour amongst us and especially from those who attempt to run for office.

As I began to give it more thought, I began to try and look at the bigger picture and get a better frame of mind. Why was I feeling angry? Did I really feel that this was racist? Why does the media work so hard to make people so divided in the world? Is it ok for me to play the political race card in this instance, because Justin Trudeau and others have done it to the rest of Canada? Where is God’s heart on this matter?

First of all, I don’t think Justin Trudeau is a racist. I think he is far from it. Do I think it is wrong that he falsely accuses others of racism quite consistently? Yes, but does that make it ok for me to now accuse him of being racist now that the opportunity is wide open? I don’t believe it does. The more I think about it and pray for God’s heart on the matter the more I feel this should be used as a teaching moment for all of us and also for it to be used as an opportunity to show that as Christians we are not going to sit and accuse, especially when we don’t even really believe he has done anything wrong in this instance. He may have done many other things wrong while in office but this isn’t one of them. It just so happens, that the word racism has been politically weaponized and without warning we have been giving the opportunity to use this political weapon against someone who has been using it against everyone else. There is a natural tendancy in all of us to feel good when we see someone who has been a bully to others get humbled and get a taste of their own medicine but I believe if we are to be the salt and light to the world, that we definitely need to be striving to have the heart of God on what is happening all around us on a daily basis.

I do not want to sit here and pretend that I have the right heart on this matter because it is fresh and I’m just processing and working through my own thoughts. When it comes to politics it is easy to let your emotions run high. If I have learned anything about politics and the political media it is that they are always working to turn your beliefs to mirror their ideology. How they do this is by using stories, accusations and talking points that are intended to bring an emotional response. Even if stories may not be true, they can turn your beliefs on a matter if they get you to be pulled in emotionally. That is why we MUST not be led by our feelings but by truth.

The truth of this blackface matter is that in most cases, it has not been done to hurt others and was not done with any racist thoughts. There have been movies when people of colour have put on white faces and it was intended for comedy. I don’t think many people have had any problems or issues with this. It just happens that we are now living in a time period where the media and elites of the world are working hand in hand to bring in a whole different system of control to the world and political correctness is a powerful tool to silence and destroy any opposition.

I firmly believe that we can’t operate in the same way that the media does without getting very dirty ourselves. We must learn to live and speak truth, not as an accuser, but as people who diligently seek the truth, who care about our country and as those who seek to let God’s will be done in and through us.

Although racism does exist and always will, the truth of the matter is that North America is one of the least racist continents on the earth. We have a very inclusive culture that celebrates diversity. When true racism rears it’s ugly head we can simply speak the truth into the matter and stand against it. The word racism will have no meaning anymore if it is just used as a political weapon to destroy others. The word should be reserved and used only when it is real. In the bigger picture, there are those who seek control and they understand very well that if they keep the citizens of countries and the world divided, then they are easily controlled. Trying to make it seem as though racism exists on every street corner is a great narrative and strategy for those who seek to keep us divided.

If we jump into this blackface matter and sit and accuse when it really is not a racist incident, then we are playing into the plans of the real accuser and are just allowing ourselves to be pawns by fighting amongst ourselves. We can be a voice of reason in this matter, rise above the mess and be the voice of truth and reason. In a time where it feels that we are being led into a type of civil war, we as Christians need to be those that offer solutions and are willing to speak truth into matters with the right heart and keep bitterness, sin and unforgiveness far from our hearts.

This does not mean that we shy away from difficult matters, if we are to see our nation changed then Christians need to rise up and enter all areas of culture and rise to the very top. We have sat back for too long and watched our country being overtaken by those who wish to make it a Godless society. Many Christians need to overcome their fears and at the same time grow a spine. Without a spine we are not physically able to stand. This is true both physically and spiritually. We need Christians engaged in society more then ever. Let us all rise above the political and media rhetoric, speak truth while working together as one body to see our nation changed.

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