Election Eve!

Canadian Ballot Box

by Faytene Kryskow-Grasseschi

In the words of many of our national leaders :), “Let me be very clear on something.” This is my personal opinion 2.5 days from the election.

I’ve been watching this election very closely, and our political situation in Canada closely for years. This is where things are currently at from my view point. I’ve held off on saying much in terms of party assessment until now because I wanted to watch how things would unfold. Well, they have unfolded and I believe this is where it is at:

The church in Canada will prosper.

We will either prosper by blessing.


We will prosper by increased persecution.

ON MONDAY WE DECIDE WHICH IT IS (in this next phase).

I have met the leader of every party except the Bloc. All but one was kind an open hearted. What I am about to share is not about personality, it is about policy and general sentiment in regards to how they approach conservative people of faith and our personal freedoms.

The NDP announcement of their openness to a coalition was a game changer moment.

This is the moment it became less about the individual candidate (that had been my viewpoint up until that point) and more about the parties, leaders, their posturing and their position days out from the election.

At this point, a vote for the Liberal Party or the NDP are now one in the same. If one wins, the other does. Though I appreciate a few ideas both parties have, overall they are both antagonistic when it comes to people like me: Christians, conservative Jews, small “c” conservatives in general…etc. Both the NDP and Liberals are willing to legislate from that position and have expressed that they intend to do so (including revoking charity status as a measure to enforce state “values”).

Given that the Conservatives and the Liberals are neck in neck in most polls, a vote for the PPC or the CHP in a swing riding is functionally a vote for the Liberals/NDP – (who are antagonistic to Christianity). For the record, I LOVE LOVE LOVE many of the ideas of both the CHP and PPC….that is not the point right now. I am unpacking where I see things at 2.5 days out from e-day 2019. Future elections may be different. This is where it is now.

In a non-swing riding, a vote for the PPC or CHP are votes of low-impact and just make a statement.

In a swing riding, a vote for PPC or CHP are destructive to Canada. In my view, you don’t want to do this.

(If you want to know if your riding is swing or not look it up here. If the two lead parties are less than 5-7% apart, it is a swing riding – visit 338canada.com )

All this means there are two positional votes (there might be one or two ridings at most where there is an exception to this):

1 – Vote Conservative – On the freedom of faith issue, at worst, things stay the same. Canada continues. At best, some fresh measure to protect freedom of conscience/religion are brought in (which is likely) and then great people begin to apply those freedoms to do great things. Some of those great things will likely include measures to support adoption, single moms…and even the unborn directly.

Lose those freedoms, lose that chance to do good with the same ease and access.

2 – Vote NDP, Liberal (or PPC/CHP in a swing & split the vote) – get increased persecution. The church will still thrive in grace because God’s spirit is with us but life will be a lot less comfortable when it comes to freedom and liberty – on campuses, in businesses, in the medical field, in law…in parenting & in pastoring. Things you never thought would happen in Canada, likely will start. Things common to other totalitarian leaning nations begin here, likely faster than we would like to think.

….maybe there is a 3rd position: don’t vote. But, if you don’t vote, you are pretty much voting for #2 so I lump those together. Not to vote, is to vote for the Liberal/NDP coalition.

As I see it there are 2 choices at this point in the timeline. I wish it were different. I don’t think it is. In future elections, it may be different. In future elections, my viewpoint of the landscape may be different.

If you are unclear on what I am saying, inbox me.

So if I am suggesting Conservatives are the best option for freedom, let’s vent about the Conservatives for a second – or better yet, let’s bring a solution. If you are disappointed (as am I many days) that the Conservative party is not conservative enough in 2019 I would simply encourage you to join the board of your EDA, go to the convention in 2020 and be a tangible part of the change the party needs. We can’t complain if we are not showing up to the places where change happens and creating the tipping point that is needed. There is a tipping point. If just a half dozen people in each riding nationwide did this, that would be 2,000 policy makers/voters at convention. It would change the party OVER NIGHT. That easy.

Lastly, a word about the phrase, “God is in control.” For sure. I believe in the sovereignty of God. He expressed it in Genesis 1. That is when he gave us the keys and told us to take care of the land. In His sovereignty He said, “You do it.”

He will sovereignly give us what we ask for at the voter booth.

He will sovereignly respect our choice, EVEN IF IT IS NOT HIS.

It’s kinda like a girl who marries the wrong guy and dad still shows up to the wedding wishing her the best. He shows up not because He likes the guy, but He honours His daughter’s free will. She’s a grown woman. Not a child. She chooses (even if poorly). He says, “OK.” This is the reality of free choice. He’s all about it. We get to choose our path. He’s not a bully.

He gave us the keys. It’s His law. His sovereign law.

Not sure? Just read 1 Samuel 8. He gave the Israelites what they voted for even though it was not His choice.

In Canada expressing our choice in the governmental affairs of our nation looks like voting, volunteering for candidates that desperately need it and praying as you go (please go). For heaven’s sake, don’t stop at prayer. Please pray & do.

A friend of mine had a dream of a blue wave hitting Canada. Please pray & consider voting in agreement with me for it.

If you need any help navigating, here is a great site: onit4mycanada.ca

Also, on Oct. 22nd, let’s work harder to change the culture & narratives on issues that matter. Laws will follow. For now, vote, volunteer and pray as you go. That is our power in the next 2.5 days.

Disclaimer: This is my post. It has not been endorsed by any party or organization. Just my late night thoughts, with authentic concern for my babies, 2.5 days before an election. This is a time to say it like I see it. I hope this helped someone. That’s my heart.

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